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Richards Realty Group is a full service brokerage firm

Richards Realty Group is a full service brokerage firm. For over twenty years, we have been providing real estate brokerage services in New York. We have been making sure that we strive to provide accurate information to our principals, buyers or sellers. We understand that the role of the brokerage firm is particularly critical when it comes to providing accurate information about renting, purchasing and selling residential or commercial real estate. Therefore, we know that it is important to have a high degree of reliance for renters, buyers and sellers. Richards Realty Group understands the essential features of the brokerage firm, which is to bring the parties together in an amicable frame of mind. With that said, we understand the role of due care and good faith in real estate transactions when it comes to fulfilling the purpose of the agreement. Therefore, we are your source for professionalism, trust, honesty, integrity and innovative solutions.

We raise the standards of professionalism

Richards Realty Group is fully aware that today’s real estate market is complex and challenging and deals are being made and we’ve been helping clients successfully execute them because we understand that we have to be dedicated 24/7 in real time to real estate and finance so that we can maximize opportunities for our clients every single time. We are able to satisfy our clients because we have years of experience, state-of-the-art technology, customized service and committed to excellence that provides exceptional service and deliver impeccable results.

For over twenty years WE are building knowledge and refining skills

Richards Realty Group has been involved in real estate brokerage for many years. We have spent over twenty years building knowledge and refining skills necessary to create a sophisticated residential and commercial brokerage experience. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of the real estate equation, including our ongoing dedication and ensuring that your investment, purchase or sell will be rewarding to you now and in the future sellhouse-asis. Therefore, call us or email us if you want to learn more about investments, renting, purchasing or selling the following


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